Neutral Ground. Wicked Fun.

A gentle breeze saunters through the halls of Final Rites. It is but a brief respite – the air inside its ebon hull is muggy, thick with the smoke of heavenly cigars and the ash of infernal cards whose holders were dissatisfied by their suit and number. Least the flames were kept to the inanimate – Captain’d be mighty dissatisfied if the Devils and Demons got themselves in a tussle over something so small. After all, we got a damn war goin’ on just ‘cross the river…

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Every Other Tuesday

12pm PST | 3pm EST

A live-streamed Southern Gothic D&D 5e campaign. Follow an all tiefling party aboard the vessel Final Rites, an infernal steamboat that navigates the River Styx as neutral ground for the unsavory and/or unholy.



Tiefling Mixologist

Thirty, flirty, & thriving, Jovie treats the Final Rites as a safe haven and 24-hour party. Sleep when you’re dead, right? Trained in the alchemical art of “mixology”, she loves to enchant unique cocktails and shots to keep her friends in (and full of) good spirits.

Jovie is equal parts bootlegger, flapper, and mad scientist. Stir vigorously >:)

(played by Angela McCain)



Tiefling Monk, Way of the Drunken Fist

A victim of circumstance and bad luck, Mercy isn’t aboard Final Rites by choice. It’s a lively scene – but nothing calls to this monk’s heart quite like the fresh air of new shores. Then again, throwing boorish warlocks to the pits of the Hells is also fun…

(played by Rachel Denton)



Tiefling Inquisitive Rogue

‪No one escapes the notice of Nowhere, a sharp-eyed rogue who wields the ship manifest like a weapon. If knowledge is power, then her notebook is a weapon of mass destruction. Slow to anger, but quick burning, she always checks her list twice.

(played by Heaven-Leigh)

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