Between the Ley Lines

Follow this group of plucky college kids as they get caught in a murder mystery at their magical university.


Roleplay Retcon

Jensie, Alex, and Ben rewind bad movies to replay them as ttrpgs! Hinjinks ensue with action, adventure, comedy, and soundtracks by indie bands!

The Vault

Hawthorne Manor

Delve into the dark ruins of the forgotten Hawthorne Palace said to be filled with great wealth, but also dark horrors.What awaits our unfortunate troupe in this place, what drives them to enter and what from their past will they face on the way

Yes, My Liege

Follow the convoluted plots of these courtiers as they strive to protect their idiot failson ruler from misfortune, gain their ruler’s favor, and also stab each other in the back as hilariously as possible while doing it all.

Blood of My Blood

You and your colleagues wake one night to find your usually very present sires have disappeared without a trace.

Baldur’s Gayte

Allorah, Ang, Franz, & Gabbey goof their way through this roleplay-heavy playthrough of Baldur’s Gate 3, Act One.

Paint of Heart

Bring your own crafting and join Ang and Colton in this casual tabletop mini painting stream

The Copper Pyramid

A mysterious island has risen overnight in the middle of the Pacific, but the world quickly learns that it may have been better off at the bottom of the ocean.

Signals of the Lost

When the world ends and the dead walk the earth, can four college students survive in a winter hellscape?

Dreamhouse By Night

Two nights only! A Barbie-inspired Vampire the Masquerade special!

Hallow Rock

A gang of misfit millennials in the Pacific Northwest uncover some supernatural goings-on right under their noses!

Spring Break Gone Wrong

A band of college students investigate the strange goings on at Texas M & A. Go Panthers!

The Land Above

In a subterranean world where sunlight is a myth, survival depends on those willing to brave the darkness.

Geek Thyself

Heather and Rusty want to get you excited about learning! Join them for a chat about this, that, and everything under the sun in their educational series!

Shenanigoons: Bag World

ON HIATUS — The extraplanar trash-fire fantasy where YOU contribute to the chaos!

Eon City

A super tale of a city’s third-tier champions played in the “Hero” System

Nine Hells of A Good Time

An epic Nerdsmith community events celebrating the release of Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus, with a month of hellish one shots!

The Dragons’ Crown

A retelling of the classic 5e adventure Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Tabula Rakshasa

A one-shot series about lost memories, as players try to guess their origins and abilities without seeing their character sheets.

Discover RPG

Interviews, panel discussions, and brainstorming all things tabletop rpg! Hosted by Angela, Franz, and Allorah

Shenanigoons: Book of Faebles

“The sorta fairytale D&D show where YOU contribute to the chaos!” A pack of children escape a clockwork dictatorship & become heroes of Fae!

Shenanigoons: Spelljammer

“The sci-fantasy campaign where YOU contribute to the chaos!” A motley crew of lottery winners find themselves lost in space!

Shenanigoons: Fires of Valdara

“The industrial fantasy campaign where YOU contribute to the chaos!” A ragtag team of new recruits hunt for arcane artifacts.

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