Champions of the Earth LIVE!

Live show from IndieCade 2018 in Santa Monica



Hello Reserve Champions! Thank you SO much for supporting Nerdsmith’s Nerds Giving charity drive and for really going to bat for the Trevor Project.
We are SO pleased to share this reward with you — the IndieCade Live show from early October 2018 fits into continuity between Ep 16 “Homecoming” and the start of Episode 19 and our third “chapter.”
It is presented more or less as it happened in the room. The cast was using unfamiliar handheld mics in a very… UNIQUE last minute relocated space when rain forced a move from the main outdoor stage, so you’ll hear some things sometimes.
PLEASE don’t spoil the surprises you hear. You’re on the Icosagon Honor System not to distribute it, either. This show is a special reward for everyone who kicked in for Nerds Giving 2018. By all means talk about it, though! And if you want to spill some tea over on Discord or #BeachBayLive’s spoiler thread, eh… only Houndstooth will raise a dubious eyebrow.
Jesse, Martzi, Collin, Amanda, Gina, and Jackson
The Champions of the Earth
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