EP 12 – Blights and Booze

From the diary of Danika Markitov
That strange little quartet have been working overtime for us and I really couldn’t be more grateful. They freed us when we were captured in Vallaki and now they’ve cleared those druids out.
It was quite a few druids they cleared out, too. From the sheer amount of detritus left down there I’d have to say they took out a good number of blights as well. It’s been a good minute since any of us could accomplish something like that.
We didn’t know it when they left, but they managed to save some of our wine too. I feel a bit daft for being unsure of them in the beginning. All they’ve done since they showed up at the inn is help. The druid we found bound, stabbed, and having some issues with his extremities might not feel the same. He can get stuffed, though.
We sent those four off to retrieve one of our magic stones from those villains. Those stones are the only thing that allows our grapes to grow in this horrid place. They were a little squirrely about the whole thing but relented when we said the culprits were druids and the hag Baba Lasaga in her walking house.
They’re en route to Yester Hill now. A friend flew in just a moment ago and told us the sky’s blacked out over there and the druids were heard chanting “Wintersplinter” over and over again.. I fear something dark is being called into Barovia. I keep looking out at the horizon, though I don’t know what I expect to see.
The forces of darkness are working overtime these days. I fear nothing good awaits those adventurers in the forest.
All we can do now is wait and hope.

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