T Minus 30: “The Mummy”

Angela and Kyle are here with an exclusive Patreon podcast where they talk a bunch! Limited to ONLY 30 minutes, they tried to cover as much as they can before the buzzer goes off. Today they’re discussing their love of 1999’s The Mummy, the camptastic comedy/horror/adventure flick, aka both Kyle and Angela’s great bisexual awakening.

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Welcome to 2020, everyone! This year will be a big todo for us here at the Nerdsmith Network: lots of changes, lots of exciting projects and events, and most importantly, a new way to support us! Replacing our original subscription system, we’ve decided to open up our own Patreon account! With your help, Nerdsmith will … Read more

Homebrew Studio: Upgradeable Magic Items

This week on Homebrew Studio, Matthew and his audience muse on why and how to create Upgradeable Items for your roleplaying games! Items that can be upgraded overtime can provide opportunities for story hooks. They allow your players to invest time in improving their abilities, develop emotional connections to their belongings, and develop a goal … Read more

EP 12 – Blights and Booze

From the diary of Danika Markitov That strange little quartet have been working overtime for us and I really couldn’t be more grateful. They freed us when we were captured in Vallaki and now they’ve cleared those druids out. It was quite a few druids they cleared out, too. From the sheer amount of detritus … Read more