Creator Spotlight: Chad, Chaotic Goodness

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This month for our Creator Spotlight, I got to sit down with Chad, GM of the Chaotic Goodness podcast. He also plays NPC Gideon Nyco, the crew’s somewhat… unlucky engineer. We welcomed Chad and the Chaotic Goodness crew after Nerdsmith’s launch in March of this year, and I was excited to find out more about the man who navigates the insanity that is the crew of the Irritated Badger.
Chad keeps a full schedule between working in the medical field, editing and GM-ing Chaotic Goodness, raising a young son, and actively brainstorming new ideas with other Nerdsmith Creators. I was curious what had drawn him to Nerdsmith and discovered that he “and the rest of the cast had kinda been tossing around” the idea of joining a network prior to Logan, one of our Directors, reaching out to them on Twitter. Chad said he was “talking about it one day” and the next he was telling the rest of the cast about Nerdsmith.
Chad always found himself more drawn to English and creative writing. In college, he minored in theater which was a real passion for him, but he majored in psychology since he realized that he “needed to eat” after graduating. He also admitted that math and chemistry were subjects he particularly did not care for in school.
His time for hobbies, like so many of us, is limited due to busy scheduling. He has had to structure his spare time and schedule his gaming nights to get it all done. He also has had to squeeze in monthly Free Mason meetings, during which his son has decided that he must “sit around” with friends and “be old.” He couldn’t tell me much about the lodge but admitted that, despite some thinking they must be running things secretly behind the scenes, the truth is that they have trouble agreeing on small topics like most larger clubs. Even what to have for breakfast is not always an easy decision to reach.
Chad’s favorite fan interaction actually involves their very first fan on Twitter. Before the first episode of Chaotic Goodness had officially been released, Chad released little teasers on Twitter and their first follower has become a “super, mega fan” which is something he thinks is both “strange and awesome.” This first fan is also very active on the Nerdsmith Discord Server and I have seen a lot of wonderful interactions between them and the Irritated Badger crew.
For my final two questions, I asked about how Chad sees Nerdsmith now and where he sees it going in the future. He hopes the network will continue to grow as the Creators support and promote each other. He wants to see us become a “network that most people have heard about.”
He likened Nerdsmith to “an island of stability in a sea of chaos, where you just scream into a void and hope to God that somebody hears you.” Having the readily available feedback and support from the other Creators lets him know that he’s being heard.
The full audio of our interview will be available soon for subscribers on our Bonus Loot page.

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