Creator Spotlight: Tessa Bryce

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This month for our Creator Spotlight, I sat down with Tessa Bryce. In addition to being one of the Nerdsmith Directors, Tessa is also active on several of the shows here at Nerdsmith. Tessa and I have been good friends and gaming buddies for several years now, so I was excited to find out if there were any tidbits that I did not already know about. I was pleasantly surprised.
While working a separate full-time job, Tessa also has many projects here at Nerdsmith. They include: The Shenanigoons, Charm and Trouble, Married to the DM, and W.A.N.D. Radio. She openly admitted that a large portion of her free time is spent working on Nerdsmith. Beyond that she loves to spend what little spare time she has reading or enjoying the latest episode of Critical Role. She did not mention them in our interview, but I know that singing, tea, and dice hoarding are also some of her hobbies.
When asked about school, she admitted that English and music were some of her best subjects in school, while math eluded her until college. She also talked about how uncharacteristically speechless she was when she got to meet a favorite author, Brian Jaques, who penned the Redwall series, at a book signing at a small bookstore. Tessa has also gotten to meet JK Rowling and said that she was “very, very sweet” and “incredibly gracious.”
Tessa did manage to surprise me a few times during our interview. When I asked her about what pet she would own if she she could own any animal, her response was “rats.” I hadn’t realized how much she loves rats. She says that she likes them because they are “super sweet, social animal”, but cannot currently own them because she has cats. She also would love to have a pet ferret, but they are illegal here in California.
One answer that did not surprise me, was that Halloween is her favorite holiday. For as long as I have known her, anything that was Halloween related, or had a Halloween aesthetic, was something that she enjoyed. She also admitted that she has a running joke with Logan, her husband and fellow Nerdsmith Director, that if he would let her she would decorate the house for Halloween all year round.
Being such a big music lover, Tessa had trouble picking just one song as her favorite. Ultimately, she settled on SJ Tucker’s “Little Bird”, from the “Stolen Secrets” album, as being her current favorite. She openly admitted that her favorite song is constantly changing, but that she loves SJ Tucker’s music overall. This included naming another SJ Tucker song, “Girl with the Lion’s Tail”, as her theme song for her life. The song’s message of learning to realize that you don’t have to lose yourself in other people, because you are enough on your own is one that touches her on a personal level.
Tessa’s vision for the future of Nerdsmith is one full of hopes and dreams. She sees Nerdsmith as an embodiment of the things she wanted to do as a child, but also as a way to help others realize their own dreams. Her hope for the future of Nerdsmith is to become a voice for smaller artists and creators. A voice that can help them be heard and recognized for the amazing talents they possess.
The full audio of our interview is available for subscribers on our Bonus Loot page.

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