EP 12 – Blights and Booze

From the diary of Danika Markitov That strange little quartet have been working overtime for us and I really couldn’t be more grateful. They freed us when we were captured in Vallaki and now they’ve cleared those druids out. It was quite a few druids they cleared out, too. From the sheer amount of detritus … Read more

EP 11 – Kresk and Splinters

The observations of Maeve the wereraven I took them to Kresk, Ismark, Ireena, and the rest. Rictavio went off to some secret place before they met up with us at the Vistani camp but I’m sure he’ll find his way to us just fine. Meihra wanted to stop at a tower that was supposedly holy … Read more

EP 10 – Hunker Down

Testimony of a guardsman who refused to join the battle You couldn’t pay me all the money in the world to fight those animals. None of ‘em had a scrap of humanity left in their bodies. That massive dark-skinned half-elf tore off Izek’s arm and beheaded him! Frederick and Yorick tried running but only Yorick … Read more

EP 9 – Armed and Dangerous

An excerpt from the diary of Rictavio, aka Rudolph van Richten Bones: acquired. Hags: dispatched, but not dead. My sanity: waning. Before all of this is over I’m going to have an all-out brawl with at least one of those disrespectful fools. They never have a kind word unless they want something from me. I’m … Read more

EP 8 – Hags in the Windmill

As seen from the watchful eye of a common raven Five more flightless ones came today, smoother than the three who cackle and kill stolen young. The two biggest kicked down the door, and there was a little yelling between the old ones and newcomers before the wretched Bella showed one of her truer faces. … Read more