EP 10 – Hunker Down

Testimony of a guardsman who refused to join the battle
You couldn’t pay me all the money in the world to fight those animals. None of ‘em had a scrap of humanity left in their bodies. That massive dark-skinned half-elf tore off Izek’s arm and beheaded him! Frederick and Yorick tried running but only Yorick got away. She took Frederick down without mercy.
I saw Hendrick fight to the finish with the pasty giant. I thought he might win before that devil cleaved him in half at the waist. I also heard they found Alrick beaten to death near the church. They said Yorick had to identify him ‘cause his body was mush. Yet here I stand, on trial because I wasn’t willing to risk my life fighting a losing battle against those devils. I was supposed to come help, yeah. What’s it matter now? If you don’t execute me I’ll be slaughtered by the wolves or those criminals.
They disappeared right before the attack last night. They could’ve been involved for all I know! We don’t know a damned thing about them and they’re loose in Barovia. They’d be the ones on trial if they weren’t careless, bloodthirsty cowards.
Half of Vallaki lies dead in the wake of the wolf attack they escaped. No sign of their corpses anywhere. Kill me if it makes you feel better, but remember that the forces of evil in Barovia are only getting stronger.

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