Plot Hunters: EP 16 “Halloween Special!”

The machinations of a hag

Four little ducklings all lined up in a row. Dangerous ducklings who killed my favorite niece in cold blood. Wait until they fall asleep in a place they think is safe, then make sure they don’t wake up again.

To start, Alina. Little girl lost has strayed so far away from home. Not to worry. Plenty of men and dogs to guide her back. Who can truly be blamed if the dogs bite and she needs a chain or two? She’s worth more alive than dead, but a little blood never really hurt a noble warrior.

Then, Cruz. One last glorious night with a man who will never be his again. It’s time to let go. He can’t and it will lead him into the arms of a people who exist to destroy. It’s never a challenge to shackle a weak-hearted man.

Next, Meihra. A beautiful ball held by a certain mistress with very exotic pets. Meihra does love to dress up and mingle in society. She will discover that anything goes for the rich. She will also see her sweet sister again, though not quite in the manner she’d prefer.

Finally, Veryn. Can you ever truly leave behind those who made you? She can’t. She never did. Pain is to be expected. Nothing can be gained without pain, blood. She will cause herself and Cruz a great deal of pain if she knows what’s good for her.

Things did not go to plan. Meihra and Alina conquered their shared dream, then Veryn and Cruz did the same. They fell into the maze and found the Soulmonger, killed my Bodak, wrecked my plans, and woke. I don’t know why I bother.

They’re out there again, off in the mountains doing who knows what. Justice will find them.

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