EP 7 – Back and Forth

From the diary of Marne Jesha, Vallaki housewife
The porridge was off yesterday morning. Delia made it, and there’s no telling what that girl was thinking. With her father stuck nursing his soft stomach I was left to do the chores outside. I kept seeing those two elfy girls, the angel, and that beast of a man running back and forth like chickens with their heads chopped. It’s got something to do with the high alert, no doubt. Bloody werewolves and their ilk found their way into the city. We’re all right fucked, as they say, but the chores still need doing.
Curious enough I saw a fair bit of back and forth between the inn and the coffin-maker’s place just before it went up in flames. Henrick’s a bastard, and a coward at that. Two silver says  the fool was hiding Strahd’s men right where everyone who hates him is. They also went to see the blacksmith, poor thing. I saw the darker elfy girl with a silvered axe, a beautiful sight to see. The axe wasn’t so bad looking either! Perhaps they put some heart back into the old girl in return for the piece.
None of my business, I suppose. The next day the strangers left, headed out east towards the windmill. Pray those nasty Vistani camping south don’t get them. Pray the wolves don’t come tonight. Pray someone saves us from the devils eating Barovia alive. Pray Delia learns proper wifery before she’s wed. She’ll die in this cursed land but she won’t die alone.

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