Creator Spotlight: Angela McCain

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This month for our Creator Spotlight, I sat down with Angela McCain. She is one of the six Nerdsmith directors as well as being the art liaison.  Her skills and incredible talent are invaluable resources here at Nerdsmith.
Just prior to the launch of Nerdsmith, Angela had success on another creative project. She was one of driving forces behind Vox Machina: An Exandrian Musical. The Hamilton and Critical Role mash-up fan-produced album was released last month by the creators, who refer to themselves as the Cantata Pansophical, and was received with open arms by the Critter community. She said that she and the other members of the Cantata Pansophical wanted “to create something that was emotionally impactful.” Given the impact it has had on the Critter community, as well as the emotional responses from the Critical Role cast members, I believe it is safe to say that they succeeded. In addition to her extensive work behind the scenes, Angela also made appearances on the album as the voices of Allura and Raishan.
When I asked about what her best subjects were in school, it came as no surprise to me that she has always loved literature and language; she added that biology was another subject she “oddly” enjoyed and did well in. She also admitted that, though I think she has since shown more than enough talent for it, in school she was unsure of her abilities to be active in drama. Instead, she found herself joining the debate team. Specifically, she participated in an event called the ‘Oral Interpretation of Poetry and Prose,’ which allowed her to explore some of her interest in the dramatic arts while also not having to actively debate another person. She also discovered screenplay writing while in school, which quickly became a passion.
For inspiration, Angela draws from a variety of sources. She noted that Chris Thile, an American mandolinist, and Janelle Monae, an American singer-songwriter and actress, are two musicians that she loves and finds herself going back to time and again.
Here at Nerdsmith, Angela has been working hard to get everything ready for launch on March 1st, 2018. She is the producer and writer for ‘Threads in the Vayl’, which will tangentially shadow the ‘Shenanigoons’ live play D&D podcast that she and I are in together. We are both excited to see what we can all create here together.
Just because I could, I also asked Angela a few random questions to keep her on her toes:
Angela, referring to herself as a “cinema dork”, said that a “really beautiful, simple, somber but sweet Jon Brion instrumental” would be her theme song. Jon Brion is an American music producer and composer who has also written several film scores.
She also admitted to only liking dill pickles. Though she clarified, “I have had to come to terms with myself that, I think I like the idea of dill pickles more than I actually like them. I buy them all the time, and then I never eat them, and then they sit in the back of my fridge.”

The full audio of our interview is available for subscribers on our Bonus Loot page.


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