Shenanigoons: (The) Podcast is Back!

Starting this week, the proctors of the Birchfield Institute are back with magic, mystery, and mayhem in podcast form! Weekly episodes every Thursday on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get podcasts!

Pick up with the campaign’s second story arc, “Infinite Tea”, as the party is sent to a nearby dukedom to retrieve a mystical gauntlet for one of the Institute’s benefactors. Our ragtag adventurers brave the dangers of stuck-up socialite teenagers, jolly (and not so jolly) green giants, and a mysterious birthright.

Shenanigoons is an industrial fantasy D&D campaign set in the homebrew D&D world of Vayl. The show began as a podcast back in February of 2018, starring founding Nerdsmith members Angela McCain, Tessa Bryce, Kyle Taylor, Michael Janelle, Heather Asquith-Janelle, and Logan Bryce as dungeonmaster. It was one of the first shows created for the Nerdsmith network.

The show recently transitioned to a weekly livestream format, and their audience can contribute to the chaos with donations! Tip the show to tip the scales: gift rerolls, special abilities, and random magic surges from the Wheel of Causality! Shenanigoons streams live every Tuesday night at 7pm PST, 10pm EST on

Listen to the new episode “Infinite Tea Ep 1”

Click here to learn more about the show!

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