Allison Underland: Poems by Lewis Carroll

Mother and kiddo duo Tessa and Kendall dive into the inspiration for their detective rpg podcast by reciting a collection of poems from “Alice in Wonderland” author Lewis Carroll. Join Kendall and Tessa and they explore and play together in a family-friendly, actual play Monster of the Week podcast: Allison Underland, a 16 year old paranormal investigator, … Read more

Will Crosswait: “Age of Man” (Countless Heroes)

For the West Marches Style D&D stream “Countless Heroes”, Will helped DM Logan craft a battle cry and hymn for the Resistance, a group of outnumbered but brave souls trying to overthrow a vampire king. A ship emerges from the mist, with a clear fearless voice ringing out through the darkness. Aldion, leader and beacon of the … Read more