Plot Hunter: EP 15 “Stronger Than You”

Musings overheard in a conversation between Kasimir and himself.

I’m beginning to have my doubts about this little group. Most of the time they seem plenty strong of heart and mind, but they keep opening doors we already know lead to a smattering of sarcophagi and some small yet destructive entity.

Take, for example, the big fucking frog. Not my or apparently Cruz’s idea of a particularly threatening foe, but it was enough to send Alina, Veryn, and Meihra packing. These are the moments that inspire doubt. Well, that and Alina actually accepting a gift offered by a shadow.

We had to run all the way to Krezk so the Abbot could exorcise the power and its consequences from her. She gained strength but she also gained an ego which drove her to try and prove she was stronger than her allies. They had to beat her into unconsciousness then placate her when she woke so she wouldn’t slaughter us all on the road.

The Abbot cleansed her. He unsettled me but he was helpful enough. They gave him some wine and he asked for a wedding dress for Vasilka, this strange, silent girl in his care. We rested at the abbey and I saw the group talking to her. There is something wrong in that abbey.

Just before we left, the Abbot delivered a message. From Strahd. Dinner at Ravenloft Castle. Of course, the summons went ignored and we returned to the temple. A black, driverless carriage followed us as far is it could. I fear it’s still out there, waiting to whisk us straight into Strahd’s waiting arms.

It doesn’t matter. What matters is finding what we came to find here in the vampiric birthplace of Strahd. I don’t think this wand of secrets is the money. There is more to be uncovered here.

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