EP 11 – Kresk and Splinters

The observations of Maeve the wereraven
I took them to Kresk, Ismark, Ireena, and the rest. Rictavio went off to some secret place before they met up with us at the Vistani camp but I’m sure he’ll find his way to us just fine. Meihra wanted to stop at a tower that was supposedly holy to ravenkind, though I think I’d know a thing like that. The four of them are going to investigate it later. Getting our charges to Kresk safely was the far more important task. For once, things seemed to be going well. The children were taken in by the burgomaster, the siblings found refuge, and the companions found work for a night’s room and board.
However, as always in Barovia, the peace didn’t last.
The next day Ireena saw someone in the pond at the north side of the village. Sergei, she called him. I witnessed the water reach up and drag her in, and before I could act, she was gone. As Meihra lept in after her, Strahd’s voice rang out across the heavens crying, “NO! SHE IS MINE!”, then a flash of lightning knocked out Meihra and Veryn. Cruz and Alina were able to bring them back to consciousness but things looked grim.
They stumbled to the Abbey of Saint Markovia to beg healing from the Abbot, one of the many strange and powerful beings of the land. In exchange for healing them he bade them find a wedding dress for his mute ward, Vasilka, and to find out why the wine delivery had been delayed. The Abbot also shared the tale of Sergei and his wife Tatyana, and how his brother Strahd destroyed their lives. Even the people closest to him are not safe from his nefarious will.
We travelled to the Wizard of Wines Winery and I was relieved to find Urwin and Danika well after their escape from Vallaki. The Martikov family owns the winery and recently they had been beset upon by druids from Yester Hill, who we agreed to eliminate. One is gone, but the other still lives. That won’t last.

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