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Creator Spotlight: Aiden Chan

This month, our Creator Spotlight is shining on Aiden Chan, our talented Dungeon Maestro, best known for his original musical themes inspired by Critical Role characters. Aiden is an accomplished and hardworking musician. He recently completed his Bachelor’s in violin performance at the University of North Texas, and also has a Master’s equivalent from Trinity Guildhall London: a Fellowship Diploma for Violin Recital. Our friend likes to keep busy!

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Creator Spotlight

Creator Spotlight: Chad, Chaotic Goodness

This month for our Creator Spotlight, I got to sit down with Chad, GM of the Chaotic Goodness podcast. He also plays NPC Gideon Nyco, the crew’s somewhat… unlucky engineer. We welcomed Chad and the Chaotic Goodness crew after Nerdsmith’s launch in March of this year, and I was excited to find out more about the man who navigates the insanity that is the crew of the Irritated Badger.

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Creator Spotlight: Tessa Bryce

This month for our Creator Spotlight, I sat down with Tessa Bryce. In addition to being one of the Nerdsmith Directors, Tessa is also active on several of the shows here at Nerdsmith. Tessa and I have been good friends and gaming buddies for several years now, so I was excited to find out if there were any tidbits that I did not already know about. I was pleasantly surprised.

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Creator Spotlight: Angela McCain

This month for our Creator Spotlight, I sat down with Angela McCain. She is one of the six Nerdsmith directors as well as being the art liaison.  Her skills and incredible talent are invaluable resources here at Nerdsmith.

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