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I can't stop thinking about this game and how lovely it was. The RP was just so much fun and the lack of combat just made the show so much more interesting. Truly, thank you, and I hope to play with you again soon!
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It really really was amazing! I keep thinking back over it, and honestly, it stuck me right in the heart, and it was so wonderful. Everyone was SO awesome! The fact that you managed to get this arc across [...] with only one episode's worth of time was AMAZING
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My heart is full and my brain is tired 😛 Thank you so much to my incredible players for such a touching and fun game!

Streamed on Nerdsmith’s Twitch channel, we regularly hold special one-night game events with our creators and viewers! One Shot Wednesday is our currently regularly played event, but not our last. Everyone is welcome to apply for these special community events, so we hope to see you there!

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Nerdsmith creators have appeared at conventions all over the country, hosting meetups with our fans and panels about:

  • Inclusivity and Diversity at the Gaming Table
  • What We Learned in our First Year of Podcasting
  • Women in Tabletop Gaming
Would you want to see Nerdsmith and our creators at your local convention? Tell Them! Cons will often invite guests and panels to their event based on audience request and petition. Find their contact page, tag them on social media, make your voice heard!

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Special Events

we celebrate all year round!

Sub Drive

Every year, during the last two weeks of April, Nerdsmith hosts our annual Subscription Drive.  The generosity and enthusiasm of our audience keeps us all going. You can expect plenty of special events, heartfelt testimonials, and kickass perks to supporting your favorite shows as a subscriber!

Every subscriber helps our shows, and the Nerdsmith community, to grow stronger!

Pride Month

Nerdsmith is proud of our LGBTQ+ creators, and we are staunch allies of equal rights and acceptance. Every June, to promote and celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month, we host special community one-shot games.

In 2019, we designed a series of Dragon Egg pins for queer nerds and their allies to promote love and acceptance, with a portion of profits donated to the Trevor Project and its life-saving services for LGBTQ+ youth in crisis.

Find out more at Nerdsmith.org/pride

Nerds Giving

Every year, November 1st through the 15th, Nerdmsith brings the gaming and nerd communities together to raise money and put some good out into the world. We are joined by other shows and friends of the networks to help charities with causes that we are passionate about.

  • In 2018, we raised over $3500 for The Trevor Project, supporting LGBTQ+ Youth in Crisis
  • Our chosen 2019 charity to be announced soon!

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