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Come witness their feats of heroism but mostly foolishness!

Valdara, a land of kings, of monsters, of heroes, is being dragged kicking and screaming into a modern age. The Birchfield Institute, a shining beacon through the smoke, leads the way, merging science and magic to improve the lives of those who can afford it.

Shenanigoons is a live-streamed D&D 5e campaign set in a Spelljammer setting, where sci fi and fantasy collide. Join our team of unlikely adventurers as they sail the Nexus and worlds beyond their home of Vayl as they try…to find…a way…hooooome!

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Like being blasted with a shenani-gun!
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This podcast is a blast. Logan manages to (barely) wrangle this band of-- yes-- Shenanigoons through a series of fun adventures in a setting you won't see in most D&D campaigns. Jam-packed with laughs, drama, and memorable characters. The large cast doesn't bog this down, as all of the players bring their A-game to the table both in-character and out. The recaps at the start of the episodes are a delight as well. Well-run, well-played, and well-produced. I'm a fan.
A fun podcast that is on its way up!
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The first thing I noticed about this podcast is that the audio quality is quite up there! It seems either everyone has their own mic, or the audio they do capture is very well produced. The cast has obvious chemistry, they are laughing a lot and enjoying each others jokes. Listening to the characters plan their hijinks is reminescent of many night spent around a dinner table with my friends. The only thing I really have to say that could be improved is that sometimes the player are a little proud of their jokes and gaffs a cou;ple of moments than I as a listener do and I (rarely) found myself wishing they could reel it in a touch and get on with the story. But thats the worst I can say - that they really enjoyed making this. Keep up the good work!
Accurately Named
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God this group is goofy and Im living for it. Logan is a fantastic DM and everyone is so ready to say 'yes'. It's clear theyve all been friends for a long time and play off each other so well. The characters are interesting and I'm excited to see where this story goes. Audio quality gets better as you go, trust me. I am afriad that they spend a little too much time goofing off, despite Logan's best efforts to keep them on track, but it's entertaining so I guess I can't complain. Haha.
A Fun Time
Mr Scotty B
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These folks provide a great time! You can tell they’re comfortable playing together and it made me feel like I was watching them play in person. If you want some fun adventures, give them a listen.

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