Plot Hunters is an all-POC LGBTQ+ D&D Twitch stream and podcast. Join Cruz, Veryn, Alina, and Meihra as they navigate the perils of the Forgotten Realms, make terrible life choices, eat questionable things, spend way too much money, and hook up with random people all while trying to deal with their greatest challenge, each other.

Cruz Amal, goliath blood hunter

An old man with a good heart, a relaxed lease on life, and a fatherly attitude towards his companions. Originally from a mixed tribe of goliaths and orcs, Cruz left his tribe to wander the world after losing someone dear to him.

Meihra de Quorraxda, protector aasimar rogue

A naïve young woman born into Cormyr aristocracy, Meihra finds herself wandering with this group of strangers on her way to Waterdeep to discover the mystery regarding her sister’s disappearance.

Veryn, wood elf monk

Cynical and distrustful, Veryn was raised by a cult that caused her great suffering and although she managed to escape, she now lives with the constant fear that they will find her again.

Alina A’Danear, drow half-elf barbarian

Young and orphaned, Alina was captured by slave traders and sold to an aristocratic couple to be a part of their collection of exotic things. After enduring years of torture and abuse, Alina snapped and killed her captors, and escaped to freedom.

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Not the glittering weapon fights the fight,

but rather the hero's heart.

– Proverb


Saturdays at 6pm PST


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EP 17 – Vampires and Golems

by Plot Hunters|December 1, 2018

Distant rememberings of a mad lich There were five. Five fingers to a hand, five toes to a foot, five points to a star, but not to the sun. Together they made up a whole. Could be whole without...

EP 16 – Halloween Special!

by Plot Hunters|November 6, 2018

The machinations of a hag Four little ducklings all lined up in a row. Dangerous ducklings who killed my favorite niece in cold blood. Wait until they fall asleep in a place they think is safe,...

EP 15 – Stronger Than You

by Plot Hunters|November 6, 2018

Musings overheard in a conversation between Kasimir and himself I’m beginning to have my doubts about this little group. Most of the time they seem plenty strong of heart and mind, but they keep...

EP 14 – The Amber Temple

by Plot Hunters|November 6, 2018

Musings from beyond the amber walls More fools have come to wander the halls of the temple to the god of secrets. Alina, Meihra, Veryn, Cruz, Kasimir. As soon as they entered here nothing of...

EP 13 – Splinters and Betrayals

by Plot Hunters|October 14, 2018

Observations of a spirit of Yester Hill I saw a girl on fire. It was only for a moment, but she lit up so bright I don’t know how no one else saw. I followed her and her pack. She killed...

EP 12 – Blights and Booze

by Plot Hunters|October 14, 2018

From the diary of Danika Markitov That strange little quartet have been working overtime for us and I really couldn’t be more grateful. They freed us when we were captured in Vallaki and now...


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