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The Land Above

Enter a world where sunlight is a myth, and monsters can become heroes!

Eighty years after being banished from their homes on the surface, the monstrous races of this fantasy world have formed new communities in the labyrinthine underground of the Dark Below. Join our diverse cast of LGBTQ+ players weekly as they explore their strange new subterranean home where sunlight is just a myth and monsters may turn out to be heroes. “The Land Above” is an adventure roleplaying podcast using the 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons rule set.
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Excellent, with surprising depth
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I'm almost caught up (Episode 9 had me gritting my teeth) and I'm really, really appreciating the care and effort Matthew and his players are putting forth. The world building is fully formed, and the top-line story is really nice. Well paced and engaging, with a nice balance of action and description. But this podcast really comes alive in characterization. Each character starts the story well formed, and time is spent in both interactional character building and in vignettes from the characters that demonstrate their backstory and motivations. This latter is, from the podcasts I've heard, pretty rare and it's very refreshing. We feel as if we're joining lives already in progress and I found myself instantly hooked. Very excited to see where this is going, and I dearly hope everyone survives!
Music to My Ears!
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I love Listening to this podcast while I am cooking simply because of the way they break up the uploads. Everyone has such distinct voices and the sound effects never take away from the story telling like I have heard in other podcasts. The story itself keeps me pondering outside of the sessions as it’s really unique to me and I honestly don’t have a clue what’s going on. But it’s a good thing, as I don’t feel necessarily lost or confused. I just feel like I get to be with the characters in a world that’s new but very established through the storytelling of the dm and the personal, more private lives of the characters themselves. I cannot mention enough how much I love everyone’s voices and while there’s a great professionalism to the podcasts themselves, I don’t feel overwhelmed or hesitant to join in on the fun as I still feel new to DnD.
So Good!
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Only one episode so far but I’m already hooked on this world and story! I can’t wait to hear what happens next!

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