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Geek thyself

Never Forget to Geek Thyself!

Love to learn, but don’t have the time to research all your questions about life, the universe, and everything? Let Heather and Russ do the heavy lifting as they explore a new subject each week in this relaxing and informative podcast.

Packing a ton of trivia and facts into weekly half-hour episodes, Geek Thyself breaks down fascinating topics in science, history, medicine, gaming, literature, cats, and more!

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For the Geek on the Go
Gaz Pacho
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Heather breaks down many varied topics into easily digestible bite-sized chucks. If you're into Vikings, Japanese folklore and cats- this is the podcast for you!
Engaging Educational Podcast for the Self-Reflective Geek
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Heather pacts a lot of information into these episodes but manages to keep it feeling light and entertaining. It is the perfect example of the truth that any subject becomes interesting when you look at it in sufficient depth. So far, my favorite episodes have been those focused on animals. Her episode on choosing the right pet definitely helped me with my decision to add another member to my family.
Interesting and Informative
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If you like learning interesting and unusual details about assorted topics, this is an excellent podcast. Tune in and enjoy learning more about a variety of intriguing subjects!

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