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Champions of the earth

The Dead rise, Aliens descend from the stars, an ancient power awakens, and the fate of the world depends… on five teenagers from Beach Bay High!?!

Part audio drama, part tabletop gaming livestream, CHAMPIONS OF THE EARTH is a Parsec-nominated biweekly podcast that blends the epic unpredictable storytelling of tabletop RPG shows like The Adventure Zone and Critical Role with the thematics of the golden age of teenage magical warrior shows like Voltron, Sailor Moon, and Power Rangers into a fully produced, original cinematic audio experience.

Set in the fictional town of Beach Bay, CA, the show follows five disaster teenagers accidentally chosen to inherit power suits, animal mechas, and the responsibility to defend the earth from sinister forces—and all while trying to sort out their messy teen drama. Giant robotic kaiju, re-animated animal corpses, black government vans, and the looming threat of homecoming share the stage with personal crises like coming out of the closet and disappointing parents.

The CHAMPIONS podcast (and occasional livestream Twitch show) serve as the very public beta test of an original game system developed by narrator and Game Master Collin Kelly.

Each story arc serves as a playtest for a system being continually refined for eventual release. At the end of the arc, the players (and the audience) give feedback as part of special episodes that then inform changes to the system that take effect with the next arc. This makes the show itself an interactive experience wholly unique in the world of actual play shows. Listeners also find themselves written into the show, and perhpas even involved in a secret game embedded inside each episode’s transmission.

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Epic, am I right?
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Honestly, Champions of the Earth is my favorite podcast. I’ve never found a podcast I’ve enjoyed instantly as much as champions, and I cannot wait to keep seeing where the adventure goes. Thank you for making such an enticing and exciting story. You’ll always have me recommending this to my friends.
High quality production, TOP quality roleplaying!
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Actual Play+professional-level radio drama sound design=amazing roleplaying radio adventure. It's the rare RPG podcast that brings this level of quality from the very first episode. The system itself may be in-testing, but this group has the roleplay on lock: every single scene is FIRE, and the players and GM make the early-2000s high school setting feel real and grounded. More than half the party has experience streaming RPGs, but it's a testament to the talent in the group that you can't tell which ones they are. GM Collin Kelly paces the story like a boss, and they've already got me wanting more!
In Media Rad
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There's a lot I can say about Champions of the Earth but honestly nothing is going to quite tackle how great it is without listening to it yourself. If you like live-play tabletop gaming, high school mischief, cosmic superpowers, and just a fun time with cool people, you should definitely check this podcast out. We're only an episode in and I'm already hooked!
Instantly became my favorite podcast
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This podcast is what I wish power rangers and voltron could have been when I was a kid. If you like canon queer characters, amazing sound design, and a super engaging story line this is where you find it. Lots of high school drama, teen angst, and super rad fights. I can’t express how much I enjoy this podcast and how strongly I recommend it.
Super Saiyans meets John Hughes meets Radio Drama
Patch Adam
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With a cast of amazingly talented writers, actors and artists, Champions of the Earth blends the best aspects of Dragonball Z, The Breakfast Club and I Love a Mystery into a modern, audiocast serial that fills many geeky hearts' needs.

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Meet the Cast

creators and characters

Amanda Powers as…Mel

Collin Kelly as… the DM

Gina Devivo as…Olive

Jesse Vigil as…Huxley

Jackson Lanzing as…Nico

Martzi Campos as…Martha

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