The true beauty of music is that it connects people.

It carries a message, and we, the musicians, are the messengers.

– Roy Ayers


There may be bards in Dungeons and Dragons, but how often does one hear theme songs written specifically for D&D characters — let alone in film & video game style? Then behold, as The Maestro takes you on an on-going journey through the psyche of some of nerd-dom’s most beloved Dungeons and Dragons characters from the hit stream: Critical Role!


No more would you need to sift through hours of “slightly-fitting” music to pair with the horrors you have in store for your unsuspecting band of adventurers — The Dungeon Maestro’s ever-growing collection of cinematic themes, tailor made for EACH monster from the 5th edition Monster Manual will leave you cackling maniacally, whether you be behind the DM screen, or looking for an epic, EPIC, musical ride.


Aiden Chan

Composer, Roleplayer, DM

For all of your nerdy music needs, composer, Aiden Chan has you covered! From epic orchestral heroism for your favorite D&D shows, to the spine-tingling devilry in his “Monster Melodies” — The Dungeon Maestro welcomes you to a world of bardic magic.