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Roleplay Retcon

A podcast remaking flop movies with RPGs, hindsight, and jokes!

Why does Hollywood remake good movies instead of flops that had potential? Well, if they won’t, we will! Jensie, Alex, and Ben invite their friends along to make the movies into mini-series, using Roleplaying games to inject action, adventure, comedy, with soundtracks by indie bands!

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Awesome, Fun & Engaging
Magnetic Mismatch
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Really love this concept, and your podcast! RPG games (tabletop and PC) and movies are some of my favorite things, so love that you're doing this, very entertaining. Your passion definitely comes through, and it's easy to tell how much fun you're having. Subscribed!
Awesome work, intriguing premise
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Love this show. Solid pieces, humor and premise. I grew up knowing one of the co-hosts, Jensie, and I know she really knows her stuff. Keep up the good work
Fun Listen
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Unique RPG premise and great players. Will definitely be listening to more of these.
Adults having fun
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I’m an accountant by day and having something entertaining to listen to while I try to make numbers balance is essential to keep me sane and not at my coworkers’ throats. This gang is doing movies that I secretly enjoy watching by myself with a glass or bottle of wine. It has been interesting to know how the movies go and then to hear where this gang takes it. Super interesting and very fun!
coop de la creme
Great New Show!
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Great new podcast that has a refreshing and entertaining premise. What would have happened if instead of Bruce Wayne fighting Mr. Freeze, it was a drama teacher that was dressed up as a bat? I enjoyed listening to this tabletop RPG podcast, and I’m looking forward to the next episode!
Highly Recommended
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Very entertaining premise for an actual play podcast, can’t wait to see where they take it.

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