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Welcome to the Creator Tools page! As part of the Nerdsmith Family, we want you to have every tool at your disposable to be a productive and successful member of our community!

Check out the tabs above to find the documentation and resources to help you be the best Nerdsmith you can be!

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Press Kit and Promo Files

Send us promotional media and materials for your show. We use this information on our website, and to design your official Nerdsmith Press Kit! (Please include the show title in any filenames)

Click here to complete our Press Kit Form


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Onboarding Checklist

When you first join Nerdsmith, please use the following checklist to provide Directors with everything that we need to get you started!

Nerdsmith Internal needs:

  • Signed Contract
  • Nerdsmith Redirection E-mail Links (
    • What do you want for the yourshow part
    • What email do you want it to redirect to
  • RSS Feed information for podcasts/blogs only

 For the Webpage:

  • Creator Bio for Creator Page
  • Creator Picture – We prefer a nice headshot 500x500px
  • Social Media for Creators on Creator Page
  • Social Media for Show on Content Page
  • Character Bio for Content Page – if needed
  • Show Description for Content Page
  • Send your art (listed below) to 
  • If art assistance is needed, please send Logan your art concept so he can assist with the creation of the following:
    • 500x100px banner – 300dpi
    • 1080x150px banner – 300dpi
    • Logo – Transparent or vector – 2000px min prefered
    • Podcast Cover Art – Square 500×500
    • 16×9 Widescreen Podcast Cover Art
  • is available for music used on Nerdsmith projects, you are welcome to find music there that you wish to use if you do not have your own. No attribution is required. Email Tessa ( with song titles and artists for the music you want downloaded for you. Be aware, if/when your podcast leaves the Nerdsmith Network you will be obligated to either stop using the music, or purchase your own license.


  • Short Promo and Long Promo for show in WAV format (10-30sec  20-60sec)
    • Should explain your podcast and its epicness
    • End with Nerdsmith mention (e.g. “On or wherever you download your podcasts” )


  • Decide which advertising opportunities fit your brand
  • Email Tessa ( so she can get your Affiliate links

Network Documents




The Nerdsmith Network is sponsored by an online campaign management company and a dice manufacturer. These sponsorships are optional for our creators to participate in. Please refer to your creator contract for rules regarding conflicting sponsorships.

Reach out to the Directors if your show is interested in these optional sponsorships!
Worldbuilding and campaign management tool for authors, creators, and gamemasters. This is a great resource to share your world and characters with your audience in a custom wiki-style website with dynamic maps, images, articles, and more.

If you opt into this sponsorship, your show receives “Pro” Guild Membership with up to 9 co-authors and 20 subscribers for free. (after that subscribers are roughly $0.35 each, which Nerdsmith will be paying as long as subscriber access is done through subscriptions on the network, we will be offering it from Sidekick level and up).
High-quality metal and polymer dice designer and manufacturer.  Creators who sign up for this sponsorship will be added to our monthly rotation to get free dice sets for promotional giveaways, and a unique coupon code for your show’s audience to get 15% off their first or next purchase on their site.

In the future, we and Die Hard Dice hope to work on getting custom dice and colors, and an affiliate program to monetize.


Contributors for Hire

Here are our current active Nerdmith contributors and the services they can provide. This list is not full, and none of them work for free as a policy, but often offer to help the network and shows at special pricing. All of them have done work for the network, which supports every show, for little to no cost.

We have worked hard to compensate them where we can and we will continue to do so, but we wanted to offer the option to everyone. If you find value in what they do for Nerdsmith, or your show, here are ways to support them below.

CJ Downing

Nerdsmith Art and Writing Contributor

CJ supports the network and many shows with his slick and bold character design, graphics, and animation.

CJ’S Porfolio

 To talk to CJ about collaborations and commissions:

Support CJ:
Amazon wishlist:
Kofi link:

Lasselanta_Nariel (aka Autumn)

Nerdsmith Art and Writing Contributor

Autumn is an amazingly generous artist and writer who supports our network and some shows directly with her gentle and elegant design.

Samples of Autumn’s Work

To talk to Autumn about collaborations and commissions:

Support Autumn:


Multimedia Resources

Professional quality music for audio and video projects.

If you find music here that you want for your show, please provide song title(s) and artist name(s) to Tessa ( and she will provide you with the music file(s) and pdf licesense(s).

Terms: You may use this music under our PAID network license for as long as your show is being produced with the Nerdsmith Network. You may only use this music with Nerdsmith affiliated productions and must stop using this music going forward if the show leaves Nerdsmith.

Sound EffectsFreeSound.orgSound effects and music (avoid NonCommercial licenses for Nerdsmith projects). This link filters by Creative Commons 0 licenses (no attribution needed)
Sound EffectsZapSplat.comRoyalty free sound effects for commercial use. Some with attribution needed. (please abide by attribution requests)
Images and VideoPixabay.comEditable Images & Video, Free for commercial use, No attribution required
ImagesUnsplash.comEditable Images & Video, Free for commercial use, No attribution required
Images and VideoPexels.comEditable Images & Video, Free for commercial use, No attribution required


Wizards of the Coast™ D&D Rules for Content Use

We’ll provide a shorthand for these guidelines soon!

Show Promotional Materials

Below, you’ll find show information, logos, advertising spots, press kits, and multimedia for you to use when cross-promoting with your fellow Nerdsmith shows! Also, every week, Nerdsmith officially highlights a particular show on the network to promote, and we encourage creators to join us to maximize that show’s exposure. Please consider running ads, giving testimonials on your own show, promoting and reviewing them on social media, or (with podcasts) taking a listen and leaving a review on iTunes! 


How to Talk About…

  • Tell them what you are passionate about – Your passion will sell people on the idea long before any amount of explanation can.
  • Let them know it’s all free entertainment. – And that there is special thank you bonus content for people who donate.
  • If you think they might be a good fit for the network, tell them so! – Let them know that one of the directors will reach out to them and follow through to make the connection happen.
    • Creators are Nerdsmith’s lifeblood, but subscriptions are the heart that keeps things beating.
    • Every subscription directly supports you and the network
    • Subscriptions allow people to support the Nerdsmith projects they specify via Creator Coins. Each coin supports your chosen shows
    • We offer different subscription tiers that grant increasing benefits as their subscription amount increases
  • the most powerful online world-building and campaign management tool
  • Helping you create and share your fictional worlds
  • over 300,000 active users on their site
  • It’s free to try, with an ever-expanding suite of features for paid Guild Members

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