What is a Nerd Alert?

A personal message to your friends, family, or arch-nemesis, delivered by your favorite show host or character! Spread the love in our community with up to 50 words of congratulations, appreciation, thanks, and more. A customized shout out, straight from your brain to our mouths!

What are some good uses for your Nerd Alert?

  • Birthday Wishes
  • Anniversary Announcements
  • Graduations
  • Thank You
  • Anything else you can think of!
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Choose which show you want your Nerd Alert read on.
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This is what you would like the hosts to read! It is limited to 50 words or less.
The fee for a Nerd Alert is $50. The approval process for messages can take up to 2 weeks. The message may be up to 50 words long or a maximum of 400 characters. Approved Nerd Alerts will be read as submitted; please verify that the information in your request is accurate and written as intended prior to completing the form. *Nerdsmith will always strive to complete the Nerd Alert on the requested date, however they will be read in order of submission. If we are unable to air your message on the requested date, it will be read as soon as possible after that. If there is a specific host or character that you would prefer to read your message, please include your request in the “Special Instructions” section on your submittal form. Nerdsmith cannot guarantee that your desired host or character will be available, but we will strive to accommodate you. Nerdsmith reserves the right to refuse any Nerd Alert message that goes against its policies of acceptance and inclusivity. Any hateful, inappropriate, or vulgar language will not be permitted. If your Nerd Alert is not approved, you will receive a full refund.