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The Birchfield Institute has assigned Proctor Maeryll De La Vez and her new partner, Avipash, to deal with a break-in at the estate of a wealthy donor. Their investigation reveals the true nature of the burglary: a collection of dangerous magical artifacts has been stolen for some unknown purpose. Maeryll and Avi must recover these objects before they unleash mayhem upon the city of Ashport. But then the fires start…


Maeryll De La Vez
Angela McCain

Eric Peterson

Gaius Leoftran
Dean T Moody

Adam Michal

Narrator – Angela McCain
Wren – Angela McCain
Faustus – Eric Peterson
Servant #1 – Eric Peterson
Servant #2 – Phoenix Emrys

Story by
Angela McCain
Andrew McCain

Written, Edited, Directed by
Angela McCain

Music From

Character Art
Charlotte Sandmæl

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Love the Story!
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A great storyline that is really well written. The voice actors also did a wonderful job of making me believe they are their characters. Add in the great production and the sound effects and it's a win for me! I can't wait for the next episode!
So much love went into this
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Every single thing about this podcast is pefect. the sound, the effects, the pacing. this podcast is in it's infancy but sounds like a professional studio is behind it. episodes come out monthly and you can tell that every last detail is perfected in that time. can't wait for more!
So good! Humor and intrigue
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So good! Well voiced and acted, intriguing and unique characters, with atmospheric music and sound effects that set the mood wonderfully. I’m really looking forward to more of this great, funny D&D radio drama! You don’t need to listen to Shennanigoons first to thoroughly enjoy this, but you’ll be in for a treat if you have:)

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