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Shattered Forge

“Join our illustrious Wardens as they traverse the worlds hosted on the Ennie Award Winning service, World Anvil, in search of pieces to the Shattered Forge!”

Since the birth of the Multiverse itself, the Anvilguard has been tasked with retrieving shards of the World Anvil that have gone astray during the formation of new planes and civilizations. From their headquarters in the floating paradise of Hestavar, these servants of Erathis travel far and wide to ensure the raw powers of creation never fall into the wrong hands.
Yet as Calamity itself cascades across all realities, this task grows ever difficult, and in their darkest hour, their finest heroes have been called upon to rise to the occasion. We’re sure they’re somewhere very far away, doing something very important because the one’s we’ve got here? Well, beggars can’t be choosers.

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