Geek Thyself: 2018 Bonus Episode

Geek Thyself host Heather guides you through a trivia road-trip: thirty fascinating topics in under sixty minutes! Love to learn, but don’t have the time to research all your questions about life, the universe, and everything? Let Heather do the heavy lifting as she explores a new subject each week! Packing a ton of trivia … Read more

Dear DM: 2018 Roundtable

It’s a very special round-table episode of Dear DM! Join our host Joe Collins and five of his previous guest Dungeon Masters as they answer questions from listeners and each other, and crowdsource some wonderful randomly generated characters. Check out Dear DM as our host, Joe Collins, sits down with a different DM each episode in order … Read more

Chaotic Goodness: 2018 Bonus Episode

Flossy finds an ancient game and pesters the crew to join her for a night of adventure! Join us for a space opera game following the often inept usually foolhardy, and extremely dangerous crew of the Wombat-class freighter Irritated Badger as they try so hard to make a living in an unforgiving galaxy full of … Read more

Creator Spotlight Full Interview: Angela McCain

Heather interviews fellow Nerdsmith director Angela McCain about her musical and audio drama projects, while musing on topics from Halloween costumes, accents, music, and the great pickle debate! Creator Spotlight is an interview series starring the hardworking writers, producers, actors, GMs, and players of your favorite Nerdsmith shows! Download