Ep 69: “… Nice”

The group met at the Beer Forge and talked for a while. This day there were several awkward moments during the conversation. Rosie pulled Nathan aside to apologize to him for how she had been acting lately. She wanted to make amends and he also apologized to her. Mari was still irritated with Nyx and it showed during the conversation. Cyl got her hands tangled in the yarn she was trying to use to make fingerless gloves for Dub. Nyx stepped in and helped her get untangled.

Rosie also mentioned that she had sent a message to Haley and heard back. Haley was doing well and had met up with some new friends. Haley also said that she still missed the group. Mari was noticeably quiet when Haley came up.

The group decided to go talk to Pinból about researching how to close the Shadowfell gate. They also wanted to do more research on the Shadowfell in general. As they left the bar, Owen saw a burgundy coat in the crowd. He felt a “bug bite” on his hand and stopped to deal with the sting. Rosie saw something else inside the burgundy coat, but didn’t say anything until later.

At Pinból’s, they went in through the back door. As they got inside, they heard Pinból scream and rushed to his lab to see what was wrong. He was jumping up and down excitedly while Cyl’s mother stared at him like he was crazy. He ran at Cyl and jumped up to hug her. She twirled him and then asked what was happening.

He showed her a scrap of eirshale that looked stained purple. It was cured of the Blight. He had found a cure for the Blight and could apply it to her feet. The process would stain her feet purple though. She dragged a chair over for him to wash and treat her feet with the Cure.

He smeared Cyl’s feet with a purple and red paste. It felt warm where the infection was, but normal everywhere else. He told her to leave it on for about an hour or so and Pinból showed people to the library. Cyl also introduced her mother to more of her friends.

Eiress Kyne said that she and the other Goa would be leaving once Cyl’s feet were done being cured. They needed to go back to managing the Goa City and looking for Eirshale. Eiress Kyne responded quickly, because of Cyl’s distress, but there were things to do at home. She pointed out that Cyl was focussing on the “trivial” things instead of the big picture and told her to be patient where her duties to the Goa were concerned. No one expected her to find a vein of eirshale immediately.

Pinból wiped off Cyl’s feet, which were stained purple, and told her to stop washing her feet. He also said to let him know if any of the itching happened again. Eiress Kyne told Cyl that even though they didn’t always see eye to eye, she thought Cyl was doing good work. She also told Cyl, “You are my favorite creation.”

Owen asked Pinból where he wanted to go for dinner later, since he was the “man of the hour,” and they all agreed to meet at the Beer Forge later to go out. Bridget noticed a red line travelling up Owen’s arm from the “bug bite.” Letters started to form from the red lines and started to form a word.

Owen used Dispel Magic and stopped it before the word finished forming. They discussed the person in the burgundy coat and Rosie mentioned that the person had been holding a gun. There was a spider etched on it and it had a crystal on it as well. The group discussed the men with the spider tattoos, who had tangled with them at Matthias’ farm. They had also been seen at the temple where all the Nocturne had been seen before. They remembered Ivy getting a letter, and bag from Red, before Ackmon and Chicken Fingers left town. They decided to go talk to Ivy and see if she knew more.

The group talked with Ivy at the Beer Forge about Red and where she might have gone. They told her about the magic that Owen was stung by and Ivy said that the other group had left town so Red could not be there. She knew they weren’t in town anymore.

Rosie said the person in the crowd had a long red coat and a strange gun. It was flat on the top and sides, while the middle had a blue gem, and a spider was carved into the metal. Ivy had seen those people before. They had not been in the bar much, but she had seen them around town.

Nyx offered to speak with their connections to try and get information for Owen about the red coat/spider people. They went outside and Nyx shifted from Bridget to Thomas. They had words and made peace with Nathan, then the group headed to a new bar to get information.

The group went to the Rusty Tap and looked around. There was a huge person with an elephant trunk, a troll with mottled skin, and a sabertooth tabaxi. Thomas went to the bar and ordered a drink. The rest, per his request, went and sat elsewhere.

Thomas finished his drink and turned his cup upside down, before joining the others at the table The tabaxi went over to Thomas and turned his cup over as well. Then he slammed it on the table next to Thomas’s cup and said “I accept” before taking a swing at Thomas. Thomas dodged and the tabaxi snarled as a very strange fight ensued.

Cyl grappled the tabaxi. Nathan threatened him and he bit Nathan’s quarterstaff in half. Wild Magic went off and Nathan was turned into a sheep while the tabaxi grew feathers. Owen used Dispel Magic  to change Nathan back and the fighting continued. The elephant person came over to grapple Cyl and Rosie chewed on the tabaxi.

Thomas tried to get everyone else to calm down so that he could talk with the other people. Owen also tried to calm people down. Eventually the tabaxi said that Thomas won and the fight stopped. The tabaxi pulled out a strange coin and put it on the table. It was blue and had strange markings.

Thomas went to talk to the tabaxi and his friends. The tabaxi thought that Thomas had been throwing out a challenge. Apparently, turning the cup over was how it was done where they were from, but they didn’t say where they were from. He just said elsewhere.

The strange coin was from the most recent city they been in. The sabretooth tabaxi was named Kurzol Earthwalker. His friends were Nambu the Loxodon and Razi the jungle troll. They were from the Shovel Tusks. One of the adventuring groups that had been coming into town.

Later, a halfling slipped into the seat next to Thomas and they started talking. Thomas asked for information on the burgundy coats and guns with a spider inlay. The halfing knew who Thomas should speak with to get more information.They needed to speak with Bezel and the halfling recommended bringing him a gift to get in.

Thomas told the group he had a name for who they needed to speak with:

Thomas: “His name is Bezel.”

Owen: “Oh, Jesus fucking christ!”

The group told Nyx that they had dealt with Bezel before. It wasn’t any overly pleasant memory and he had kidnapped Pinból before.

The group gathered their things and left the bar. Owen left with everyone else and then took a walk around the block. He walked back into bar and challenged the Shovel Tusks to another fight. Everyone met up with Pinból for dinner and went to the Olive Grove later that night.

Mari and Nathan walked home afterward and she expressed her anger and frustration with Nyx. They talked about Nyx being capable of doing a lot of good, but not doing it. They hoped Nyx would improve and Mari said she wanted to talk to Nyx soon. They went back to Nathan’s estate and spent the night together.

Rosie sent a message to Haley to see how she was doing and then spent time with Daisy.

Nyx saw Mo walking down the road on their way home. He was not wearing  any special clothing or anything. He turned to look at them and it was clearly not Mo.

The Modron looked just like Mo and Nyx referred to it as “NotMo”, which got its attention. She asked why they called her a “Not Mo”. She was very confused.

Nyx asked if she needed help since she seemed lost. She said that she wasn’t lost, just learning. She walked around Nyx and examined them.

Nyx asked her name. She asked for Nyx’s name in turn and was surprised it had two syllables. The Modron said her name was Moira. She asked if Nyx knew Mo and Nyx agreed to take her to see Mo when they had the time. She started following Nyx, since she would need to be with them for them to take her to Mo.