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"Nerdsmith is one of the best things to happen to me"


“[Viewer support] means that I can actually afford to pay for the production costs associated with running a show and can create even more amazing content for people to enjoy. I would be able to pay my players for their time, buy better equipment and merch.”

C’loni Bailey
Plot Hunters


"The peace of mind that I can still feed my cat and pay my bills"


“With support from listeners and viewers…I can stop being pulled by each limb in a different direction and give my all. I could buy better editing software, a better mic, a green screen, lighting. I could get a new computer and still be able to eat.”

Monster Crush, Final Rites


"Let us put something away for the future"

“I moved to Canada last year to live with my husband, and since then I’ve been unable to work because of my immigration status…Listener support would let us put something away for the future, build a rainy day fund, or even give us the financial flexibility to travel to see our families more.”

Matthew Seibert
The Land Above, Homebrew Studio


"One of the most inclusive and loving places I've ever been"

“[Creator profit] for Countless Heroes all goes to The Trevor Project, and I wish I had something like that…when I was younger and struggling with my identity…Having people who understand and support everyone is the best thing that could be done with that money.”

Russell Sellers
Countless Heroes


"We want to give back to our creators!"


“The Sub Drive helps us make Nerdsmith as strong and amazing as it can be! We want to be able to send our creators to conventions to meet you all, host live shows, and engage with this fabulous nerdy community of ours! We’d also hope to hire a full-time web developer to keep our website easy and exciting to explore!”

Angela McCain
Nerdsmith Director, Countless Heroes, Discover RPG, Final Rites, Shenanigoons, Threads in the Vayl

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frequently asked questions

Why a sub drive?

All Nerdsmith shows are free to enjoy; we create nerdy podcasts, streams, and videos because we love it. Most of our creators (and directors) hold one or more full-time jobs on top of their passion for creating for Nerdsmith. But our hope is to make their passion a reliable source of income for them.

That’s where the Sub Drive comes in! If our creators can rely on a monthly income directly from their fans, they can keep making the entertainment that you love!

Why should I subscribe?

The generosity and enthusiasm of our audience keeps us all going. We wouldn’t be loving this job nearly as much if it weren’t for the comments, chat conversations, and late night Discord hangouts that we get to enjoy with you!

If you, our listeners, twitch viewers, and fans, think that Nerdsmith creates quality content, and you want to see more from the creators you love, we hope that you’ll consider supporting your favorite shows with a donation.

You’re helping each show, and the Nerdsmith community, to grow stronger!

Where does my donation go?

Your donation directly benefits the creators you choose. It is cash in their pocket, and it helps keep the lights on at Nerdsmith so creators can keep doing what they do best: create!

The network is proud to be a loving and inclusive community for our creators and their fans. We provide resources, services, and support to help them succeed: advertising, conventions, graphic design, and technical support, and much more! You make it easier for us to help in bigger and better ways!

Special Events

From April 16th-30th, join us for special live Twitch events and see the future of Nerdsmith!
More community streaming events, more collaborations, more amazing creators and shows!
Read our special events schedule or look at the calendar below!

Read Our Event Schedule

Tuesday 4/30
12pm PST – Nerdsmith Community Game: D&D 5e with Guest DM Matthew Seibert (Wild West Hombrew Setting)
4pm PST – (hosting) Qyjari’s Curious Crafts: RPG Terrain Crafting
7pm PST – Shenanigoons: Industrial Fantasy D&D and constant goofs




Wednesday 5/1
12pm PST – Discover RPG (Special Sub Drive “Money” episode)
5pm PST – Homebrew Studio (host: Matthew Seibert)
7pm PST – Countless Heroes: West Marches Style campaign with a rotating cast, four nights a week!

Thursday 5/2
10am PST – (hosting) Qyjari’s Curious Crafts: Holiday Ornament Crafting
7pm PST – Countless Heroes: West Marches Style campaign with a rotating cast, four nights a week!

Friday 5/3
4pm PST – (hosting) Qyjari’s Curious Crafts: Campaign Creation
7pm PST – Countless Heroes: West Marches Style campaign with a rotating cast, four nights a week!

Saturday 5/4
4pm PST – Countless Heroes
8pm PST – (hosting) Plot Hunters: All ladies PoC D&D campaign with DM C’loni Bailey


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