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The Critshow Podcast

You wake up startled in the middle of the night, convinced that there’s
something out there in the darkness…and you’re right.

If you love the mix of horror, mystery, and comedy in shows like Buffy, Ash vs The Evil Dead, or Supernatural, you’ll feel right at home on The Critshow, a Monster-Of-The-Week actual play podcast. Follow the hair-raising adventures of three friends tasked with being the last line of defense from the forces of evil that go bump in the night.

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Your Words Matter


This podcast is Awesomesauce!
safrankl (Canada)
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This podcast is just plain awesome. These guys are spectacular at weaving stories through the lens of their characters. Great character voices and storylines. They also do a great job playing and explaining the mechanics of the Monster of the Week Powered by the Apocalypse system. The guys have awesome chemistry together too. I look forward to every episode each week. Keep up the great work!
Can't Recommend it Enough
Andrew G. Mours (US)
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I've listened to a lot of actual play podcasts, and the Critshow is easily in the top tier. Firstly, the chemistry and camaraderie between the players and GM is clearly genuine and makes you feel like you're sitting at the gaming table with them. The sheer quality of the audio and production in general is great. The music, voice work, and different segments are all well-balanced and sound awesome! Finally, the game is just pure fun. Monster of the Week allows for some crazy shenanigans and just plain weird circumstances to come up. Rev (the GM) does a great job of blending together what could easily be nonsense into a cohesive story with characters you care about and a good dose of hilarity!
A fantastic show
@psychodave123 (US)
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Originally started listening as a replacement for The Adventure Zone during their off weeks, but now find myself listening to TCS more often than TAZ!
Best PBTA actual play podcast ever
Tuesday M (US)
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What can I say about this show that everyone else already hasn't mentioned? The Critshow is my new favorite obsession. The story is fantastic, the chemistry between the players is off the charts, and Rev is one hell of a GM. I would recommend The Critshow to anyone I know, even if they'd never played a PBTA game before, or had never listened to an actual play podcast. The Critshow is THAT GOOD.
Ridiculously Entertaining
chijmatt (US)
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These four know how to tell a story. Rev's quick thinking means anything can happen. You become invested in each die roll, knowing that failure will be just as entertaining as success.

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