What is "West Marches" D&D?

west marches (n.) – a style of Dungeons and Dragons campaign for a large group of players to get together however their schedule allows.  Each game session has a different party drawn from a pool of ten or more people. Plotlines can vary depending on what the party chooses to do any given day. (Learn more here and here)

Here at Countless Heroes, we have so many friends, we wanted to play with them all! The West Marches style of D&D lets us play as often as we want, no matter who is able to make the game. With sixteen players, we’re adapting this style to online streaming, and putting it on steroids.

The World of Vayl

The world of Vayl is a homebrew setting that our players and DM are creating together. Our campaign takes place on the high-fantasy continent of Aluma, home to a number of unique races to the world. Our adventures live in the kingdom of Soldahn, a land beset for a generation by a tyrant king: the charismatic vampire gnome Lord Goodsbury. Soldahn is home to conquered and subjugated people. They may have been beaten down, but they are eager to rise up. Our adventurers are the newest recruits to the emerging resistance group, Phoenix Dawn. The world of Vayl is a shared setting with several Nerdsmith shows (Threads in the Vayl).

Why are we doing this?

Our DM Logan recently wrapped a 1,000 hour, six-month-long D&D campaign with 11 players that took our adventurers from level 1 to 20. It was a challenging, emotional, and powerful experience. When our story ended, the only words out of our mouths were, “let’s do it again.” So we’ve gathered together with some new and friendly faces to attempt an even bigger campaign. We’re streaming it this time so that the internet can enjoy the madness along with us! Stay tuned for a horde of nerds who thrive on storytelling, laughs, friendship, and adventure!

When & where do we broadcast?

We broadcast at 7pm PST Tuesday -Friday on Twitch and here on Nerdsmith.  We broadcast on Saturday from 1pm PST.  Be sure to follow us on Twitch to be notified when we go live! Follow us on Twitter to catch our weekly schedule to see who is in the party each night!

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We stream with a different party of our adventurers, five days a week!

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Not the glittering weapon fights the fight,

but rather the hero's heart.

– Proverb


Tuesday-Friday at 7pm PST, Saturdays at 1pm PST


Catch up on previous sessions, explore the city of Cinderhaven, meet new characters, and follow our adventurers during their downtime between sessions!

We’ve stopped with individual episode recaps, but you can access our session Notes for our Campaign Arcs here!

What is Downtime?

As we play through the campaign, our heroes will have lives, and friends, and side adventures that won’t be played out in our live sessions. You can find short stories, conversations, and summaries of some of their downtime highlights here.


line art drawn by Kaden Haroun, coloring and digital compositing by Angela McCain, logo design by Logan Bryce

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