Will Crosswait: “Age of Man” (Countless Heroes)

For the West Marches Style D&D stream “Countless Heroes”, Will helped DM Logan craft a battle cry and hymn for the Resistance, a group of outnumbered but brave souls trying to overthrow a vampire king. A ship emerges from the mist, with a clear fearless voice ringing out through the darkness. Aldion, leader and beacon of the … Read more

Dungeon Maestro: Terrasque Roar and Loop

From Aiden Chan’s horrifically monstrous score for the terrasque, here are the creature roar and a longer loop of the theme for you to use in your own rpg games! Or as a ring tone! Or as a doorbell to scare trick or treaters! Terrasque Roar Effect Download Terrasque Theme, Loop Download

WAND Radio: 2018 Bonus Episode

Our trio of WAND Radio hosts rehearse for the upcoming talent show, but can they steal the spotlight? Life at The High Academy for the Celestial and the Occult can be difficult. W.A.N.D. Radio strives to make life a bit easier. Tune in for the latest jousting scores, answers to listener messages, knowledge, and jokes! Calliope, … Read more