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Nerdsmith is...

…a platform that distributes digital entertainment

.…a community of creators and entertainers who promote each other’s work.

…a creator resource for music, branding, guests, advertising, and guidance.

…a positive environment where people encourage and motivate each other.

…run by a small “board of directors” who are also Nerdsmith creators.

…shared with all, generously supported by voluntary fan donations.

…NOT an investor.

…NOT interested in owning the Intellectual Property of our shows and creators.

This is a Community for...

…caring and respectful people who are supportive of other creators’ successes. When one show on the network succeeds, we all benefit.

…creators who are motivated and self-sufficient. They have passion for their show ideas and can spearhead and produce them on a reliable schedule.

…existing shows and creators who are looking to expand and connect with their industry. They are passionate about making their art but don’t want to do so in a vacuum.

…artists and entertainers who may not have a show of their own but want to use their technical, creative, or professional skills to help create great entertainment.

…creators with passion projects, who are in it for the long haul.

We Value...








Frequently Asked Questions

Nerdsmith is run by a small “board of directors” who are also content creators. You can learn more about them on our Creator Info Page!

The network features all sorts of creators: musicians,  streamers, artists, cosplayers, storytellers, and more! Nerdsmith is an eclectic community of creators curating a ton of nerdy content. We want to explore what “nerdy” means to you!

We are always looking for talented and/or passionate individuals who want to come on board to help out or bring their show to the network.

Step one is to go to the bottom of this page and click the button to put in an application. Choose the best option for you:

An Existing Show or Brand
This option is for people who want to bring their show or brand onto the network

A New Show Concept
This option is for people who have a concept for a show, but are looking for a little help getting the ball rolling. We can help get them connected to others who are looking to do the same as well as our Contributor network of artists, V/O artists, and other talented individuals.

My Skills and Passion
This option is for those who don’t have a show (or don’t want to be on one) but still want to help contibute to shows, ideas, and concepts related to Nerdsmith. Many of our shows are often looking to hire artists or other talented people and they always check Nerdsmith first.

That’s great! Nerdsmith doesn’t ask that you shut them down. We don’t even ask that you stop promoting them! 

We hope that what you find our community and resources valuable enough to direct your fans to subscribe to you through Nerdsmith, but we are not interested in restricting how you support your art.

We do ask that during Special Events (such as our Subscription Drive for two weeks in April) that you refrain from promoting your other revenue streams in favor of Nerdsmith.

We require at minimum one show per month on average, but we prefer more frequently.

We have a few other minor requirements such as:

  • sending us your show statistics each month so we can track our progress
  • mentioning Nerdsmith during each of your shows
  • advertising for other shows on the network if they fit your format and theme
  • regularly creating special ‘Bonus Content’ as a thank you to Nerdsmith subscribers

Our goal is to take off some of the extra work that goes into your show so that you have more time to do what you do best: create!

We provide each show with a promotional page here on, as well as access to our online community and resources. 

Nerdsmith is a community where Creators come together to learn and grow while building their brands as content creators. The network offers many services as needed and as time permits. Does your show need music, graphic design, branding, advertising, or guests? Our network and your fellow creators can help!

In addition to our network services, when you join Nerdsmith, you don’t have to create in a vaccuum: many of our Creators collaborate on projects to achieve more, or trade skills or services.

Nerdsmith does not charge to be a part of our network.

Our philosophy is that our shows should be free to the world, and our services should be free to our Creators.

If and when a show starts getting public support from our subscribers, we take a percentage of those donations to help pay for the time and costs that Nerdsmith has before sending the remainder along to the Creator.

The main way we monetize content is through subscriptions. Each subscriber can choose which shows to support with their monthly donation. The majority of the subscription is split between the artists that the subscriber follows, while a portion goes to support the Nerdsmith network as a whole.

Creators also have merchandising and sponsorship opportunities through the network.

You do!

Creators own all the rights to the content they create. Nerdsmith will never look to own any portion of a Creator’s intellectual property they bring to us. We only require limited, non-exclusive rights to distribute the show, create merchandise, and to setup advertising contracts.

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