Ep 72: “Breakin’ the Law”

The night of Wearis 16th, Primeheart spent time terraforming his camp with Plant Growth. He molded the accumulation of plant life in the area to make entry more difficult for intruders. The next morning he performed his usual prayers and services at the temples. Rosie did some sets at the Beer Forge and then spent the rest of her morning with Daisy. Connor used his morning to explore old haunts and talk with those he had known before his time in the Undermist.

Kali spent some of her morning at her temple and then went to the Beer Forge to talk to Ivy. They discussed Red,who had brought a letter apologizing for their part in the damages and also had offered to pay for the damages as much as possible. Red was sweet, but the rest of her group most likely deserved it. Ivy did not deserve it. Kali inquired about supplying eggs to Ivy and learned that Ivy needed a regular supply of 300-400 eggs. Ivy also told Kali that Stroop used almost twice as many. Kali then excused herself to purchase 14 more chickens.

Nathan used the sunflower oil on his scar and trained with Owen. Nyx, as Bridget, noticed that Moira the modron would just stare at the front door within the domicile. They tried to convince Moira that they had to do some work before taking the modron over to see Mo. Moira just wanted to meet Mo and was very insistent.

The group met at the Beer Forge and Rosie came back to play. At the reserved table, Nathan met Connor, who described himself as a “friend of Nyx”, which Nathan correctly took to have a sexual meaning. Rosie approached and offered to bite him, which Connor turned into more flirting. Rosie was taken aback that someone had flirted with her. Primeheart entered with Kali, offering to host the chickens at his camp. He introduced Connor to her and there was more flirting.

Bridget came in with Moira. They met Kali’s new form and introduced Moira to the party. Kali, remembering that Nathan had a special invocation called Eyes of the Rune Seeker, which allows one to read any language, gave him her holy tome from the Dragon Sentinel monks. She had been having a difficult time deciphering it and the only part she was interested in was whether it mentioned the hunting and destroying of the Goa as abominations. Taking time with it, he came to the conclusion that it read like an archaic bible and that a lot of the verbage had little meaning in modern language.

Primeheart asked Rosie if she would like to perform at Kali’s temple and Rosie agreed, commenting that the acoustics in temples were usually great. The party decided to take Moira to Mo’s and also getting the Urn of Essence Stealing to go after the blink dog in the sewers. On the way to Pinból’s, Nathan apologized to Bridget for being so harsh to the other forms. Nyx appreciated the sentiment and explained that each form was their own person with their own thoughts and feelings.

At Mo’s tower, Moira knocked on the door and Mo answered, wearing lederhosen. He froze and then slowly closed the door in her face. Kali then made her way to Pinból’s front door and through the portal, which was now sporting several choice musks from predator animals. Pinból shared with Kali that he, along with a group of allies, rescued Mo. When he was rescued, the modron was very matter-of-fact about literally everything. She also learned that, if Mo’s family showed up, Mo would have to leave. Modrons were connected with a hivemind and Mo was a part of it.

Talking through the door, Mo shared that he knew Moira, but wasn’t interested. He had a misaligned gear, making him defective. Bridget offered to repair him, but Mo turned her down. Bridget then tried to convince Mo to come out and talk to his family, something that a portion of the group disagreed with strongly. Bridget, on the defensive, shared that she never met her biological parents, her adoptive parents were great to her, and that Mo should give his family a second chance.

Taking the urn, Kali made her way out and Pinból told that if Moira was causing trouble to get him immediately. Pinból also shared with Kali that there was once a triton in the city who would get paid handsomely to clean the bottom of the ships. It was not a glamorous job, but definitely lucrative. He would introduce Kali the next day.

Rosie led the group through the sewers, playing with Agreeshk along the way. The blink dog’s tracks were constantly vanishing, only to appear a few dozen steps later. In the dark, its glinting eyes and snarling growls revealed its location to the group. The group shifted into action as the blink dog appeared and attacked, dragging its victim to the ground. Yelling at the others to stay close, Primeheart did his best to keep the blink dog in view. Its shadowy form and teleporting ability made it difficult to follow.

The party was eventually able to corner it and Primeheart activated the Urn, beginning the ritual to absorb its essence. As it moved away, the Urn released a trail of energy that showed the way the blink dog had gone. Though it seemed to only show where it went, not where it was. The group gave chase to it, but it was able to get away.

Half a minute later, it was noticed by Primeheart and Kali, peering through a crack in the wall and it teleported through to attack Primeheart. The two were able to fight it off and it ran, just in time to hear it yowling in pain a few hundred feet away. As the group came together and found it, the shadowy blink dog was contorted horrifically and definitely dead. Rosie’s rats feasted on the corpse as the party made their way out of the sewers.

The group left the sewers and went their separate ways. Nyx and Connor spent the rest of the day together, followed by a sensual apartment bath at Nyx’s house. Kali and Primeheart also shared the rest of their day together and had an intimate bath at Kali’s temple. Nathan was forced to bathe Binxie’s cockatrice mount, while Binxie rode it. Rosie sent Sending spells to Haley, telling her about their day.